PEDALBOOTS®the revolutionary solution for guitarists to fix and quickly change all types of floor effect equipment, MIDI controllers, power supplies, tuners and foot switches on the pedal board without using adhesive tape.

Perfect and professional device protection on stage and during transportation because of non-smelling high-end material which never fades or loses its firmness.

  • Lifetime quality
  • Non-slip high-tech material
  • Protects the effect pedal
  • Ideal for boards and racks
  • Instant change of equipment on board
  • No damage of the equipment due to adhesive or Velcro tape


Often adhesive tape, ugly Gaffa-Tapes or similar amateur solutions are used to anchor sustain pedals under the keyboard or piano, which have yet to be met with a professional non-slip solution to the hard demands on stage.

PIANOBOOTS are made to fit the three best-selling sustain pedals and never fade or lose their firmness. Use our universal PIANOBOOT “HH Stop” for all the other types of sustain pedals.

  • Non-slip high-tech material
  • Lifetime quality
  • Protects the sustain pedal
  • Optimal for floor and boards
  • Don’t damage your equipment or floor using glue or Gaffa-tapes


Which drummer or percussionist doesn’t have the problem that parts of the drumset or the percussion instruments become independent and slip away during the gig or in studio situation?

With DRUMBOOTS there is now a professional alternative to unattractive drum carpets on-stage as well as in the studio!

  • Non-slip high-tech material for studio, stage and rehearsal room
  • Lifetime quality
  • No damage or soiling of the equipment or floor due to glue, Gaffa tapes or bass drum spurs
  • Fixing the drums in the studio and on stage without affecting the drum sound


I’ve tried the pedal boots a few times now – they really work perfectly. Congratulations I’ve never needed the bass drum feet attachments before, as the base for the bass drum pedal was sufficient and held everything great in place. Even with a cheap pedal that doesn’t have a base plate, it worked great (even without the bass drum feet).

Manuel Höfer Drums, executive assistant of Brucknerorchester Linz/Austria

I have been using the DRUMBOOTS for over a month and I must say I am extremely satisfied with it. A really great idea. I’ve been looking for one of those for years, by the way.

Thomas Froschauer

Hello guys, I had the pedal boots with me on tour and they will be my constant companion. Saved my ass every evening just when I have to fly with little luggage. Cool product, never again carpet. Fits in the cymbal or snare bag and you are absolutely safe at every gig. MUST HAVE! That’s all I can say, every drummer should always have it with him. Thanks, Udo Masshoff