CELLOBOOTS are the perfect solution to keep the cello or double bass spike from slipping away.

They offer a sure-footing ans slip-proof surface through their shape and texture without changing the sound of the instruments. The floor itself is protected from the spikes with the use of the Celloboot.


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Celloboots in useSecure grip
The spikes are held in place through a rounded stop on the front side of the Celloboot, at the same time insuring the possibility of small changes in position through the generous contact surface.

Belt included
A removable belt, which is to be fastened to the seating accommodation, is also provided with the Celloboot to be used in case the floor is very slippery or dusty.

High-tech material
All PEDALBOOTS® products are MADE IN AUSTRIA and are made of an extreme heavy duty, odourless Industrial elastomer and are resistant to tearing and cracking.


CELLOBOOTS allows the player to be relaxed during the performance, without having to try to clutch the instrument in the right position!

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HERE you can order the CELLOBOOT directly from our partner GEWA.
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