Marcus Deml and Peter Vollath

Marcus Deml got a “The Boss” PEDALBOOT after his performance as part of the Fender Stratocaster Tour at SAM Music (Linz/Austria).

He was very impressed by the idea behind PEDALBOOTS!
We’re looking forward to some feedback from the road.


copyright by Michael Wallrath

copyright by Michael Wallrath

Matthias Simoner (guitarist of Christina Stürmer, Thomas D., Jennifer Paige, No Angels, Eric Papilaya and many more), became a fan of PEDALBOOTS!

We met him exclusively before his show with Christina in Linz and talked about the PEDALBOOTS concept and products.

No less than the legendary guitar rig designer Bob Bradshaw built his complex live guitar systems. There is no way round to show his new BOOTS to Bob B. and Peter Wolf during the next journey in Los Angeles!

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