Peter Vollath, the founder of VSTech and inventor of PEDALBOOTS®, is an avid guitar player and fanatical effect freak. For years he tried to find a satisfactory way to mount the various effect pedals on to a board.

The options available on the market, such as Velcro, double sided tape or screwing into the pedal itself proved to be either too complicated, short-lived or not roadworthy.

The solution to his problem came to him in a dream – a kind of ‘flexible shoe’ that firmly cradles the effect pedal through the forces of friction, thus eliminating the pedal getting damaged through bonding agents etc. Simply slipping in and slipping out gets the job done!

Thus the name PEDALBOOTS® simply evolved: boots for your effect pedals!

A simple model made from plasticine was the template for the first prototype. All available PEDALBOOTS® emerged from this successful prototype. The production of PEDALBOOTS® designed to cradle further pedals is planned.